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We offer a wide range of services to suit your needs. Our most typical services are shown below. Please understand that these prices are typical of a vehicle that has already been detailed by us on a regular basis. Most first-time details will cost more because they will require some type of restorative services. Please contact us for more information on services, current promotions and custom options.

  • Gold Package: Full detail (wash, wax and interior)
    Car = $225.00, SUV = $300.00, Truck/Van/Suburban = $390.00
  • Silver Package: Exterior detail (Wash and Wax)
    Car = $135.00, SUV = $200.00, Truck/Van/Suburban = $245.00
  • Bronze Package: Interior Detail (Vacuum, interior surfaces wiped down and dressed)
    Car = $100.00, SUV = $125.00, Truck/Van/Suburban = $150.00
  • Restoration Packages: by estimate

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